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Christine Uberti
Christine Uberti
Kasey has been fantastic with my highly reactive Chinese Crested. She worked with him and was able to tell me what he is and is not okay with. I never would have figured it out if it wasn't for Kasey!
Bryon Allison II
Bryon Allison II
Taylor Talbert did an awesome job trainng my dog Nacho. It's nice gut and day.
Jordy Berretta
Jordy Berretta
This place is absolutely worth the price. My puppy went for the 3 week Well Trained Dog program and came home like an entirely different dog. She is so much more obedient and we are so much better for it. Adalee is an awesome trainer and took such good care of Pebbles. The difference is night and day!
Erica Rodriguez
Erica Rodriguez
Jackie is great with my stubborn 6month Bulldog. I wish my dog looked at me the way she does Jackie????. Solid foundation for my puppy!
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy
Excellent training, follow up and continued interest in our dogs success. Absolutely recommend Prestige K9 for your dog's training needs.
Elisha Force
Elisha Force
Berkeley and I had the BEST experience with Tayah. She constantly sent weekly updates on Berkeley’s progress and was hands down one of the easiest trainers to work with. Plus she was super personable and very comforting throughout the whole process. Berkeley has now come home with an incredible set of fundaments/manners any pup should know! Would highly recommend Prestige K9 for any future owners who want to work on recall, leash manners, and more!
Stephanie Henning
Stephanie Henning
We are absolutely thrilled with the training we received from Tayah for our German Shepard. He’s very responsive and eager to learn from us what she taught him. We have a very happy boy and we are looking forward to working in partnership with a very happy companion. We now have the tools to successfully communicate with our boy. We are looking forward to making so many fun memories now and in the future to come! We just didn’t know what we didn’t know about training our dog and we are completely certain we did the right thing to get him the right training. I’m so excited to see how capable he is now and can’t wait to experience all the new adventures that we can now experience together.
Colin Day
Colin Day
We had a great 3-week experience with Kim training our dog. Her method is extremely effective—particularly with our pupper, who is reactive to other dogs and has a lot of anxiety around our fence line. Kim stayed in touch with us regularly throughout the 3 week process, and she continues to be incredibly responsive when we ask follow up questions, etc.. She obviously cares a lot about the dogs under her care. Every photo or video we received from her showed that she was doing really fun and challenging activities with him. She's incredibly warm and sweet with dogs. When he returned home, we noticed the difference immediately. While we are still in training mode with our pupper, his reactivity and anxiety are both under control. I found Kim's blend of training styles to be very effective. I really don't think it would've been so effective if positive reinforcement was the *only* style that she used—as we tried that ourselves for several years prior. I suspect that some might be concerned about sending their dog away for training—that maybe they would return with a different personality, or that they might be fearful of things like a prong collar or e-collar. This simply hasn't been our experience. The tools Kim gave us are effective and have helped him to be less-anxious than before his training.
Spencer Bowman is a great trainer. He was able to show my dog Elsie what was required at a pace which matched her intelligence and did it in a a way where she succeeded. He took time to impart the lessons so that she really learned. He was relaxed and unhurried and he motivated Elsie at the right time. By having a calm and confident approach he imparted calmness to my dog, one of the main qualities of leadership. I can't say enough about Spencer and his ability to read the dogs and get the most out of their training.
Our experience was amazing. The care and training Abby got was great.
Thank you to the amazing trainers at Prestige K9! My 1 and a half year old Minnie Aussie was full of so much excitement she would jump all over people and act out of control any time we would attempt to take her out with us or even when people would come to visit our home. She was constantly pulling on the leash during walks so hard that she would lift her front legs from the pressure. Harnesses, puppy leashes and gentle leader mussels did nothing to correct her walking behaviors. We couldn’t get her to listen when any type of distractions would arise. We sent her to their three week camp and she came back so well behaved it was unbelievable. Listening under distraction, on and off leash walking, behavior in public or around others is no longer a issue. She even sits in the car patiently. We could never get her to sit calmly in the car previously. I highly recommend this training camp. It is worth the price for the freedom you and your pup will have afterwards to simply enjoy life together. If you give this place a chance your pup will come home obedient and well behaved.
My pup came home today and so impressed. Not just with our boy but with Kristen as well. She took time to not only work with me and my pup. But took the time to show my wife and daughters individually how to work with him, correct him and praise him to reinforce the work she has done with him. Would highly recommend this company and Kristen specifically. Thank you all for the work you put in on Ragnar and look forward to brining him back at 6 months for more in depth training.
Prestige K9 is amazing! We recently had our 1 year old, male German Shepherd (Bentley) board trained and we can not be more pleased with the results! The progress Bentley has made in just over a month is astounding. Before, we couldn't even take him out of the house without being dragged around the neighborhood. After the training, we took him for a walk and he stayed right by our side and obeyed commands even with distractions of other kids, rabbits, and other dogs within the vicinity. Kristen is awesome and very knowledgeable about canines, and we really appreciate everything she did for our dog. Kristen did an awesome job going over the training with us at our home and explaining in great detail what we need to do to continue the training that our Bentley went through. We can not thank Prestige K9 enough for everything. We will definitely be back to board our dogs. We highly recommend Prestige K9 to anyone looking to have a well-trained and obedient pet!
When we adopted a 3 year old German Shepard from the spca, we were so excited. We brought Bella home and that excitement turned into fear. She was aggressive towards our teenage boys, she was a terror to take on walks, she would prefer to be chased out in our yard rather than come inside when called. She also would bark like crazy and I was afraid she would break our front window from trying to get out when dogs and people walked by. I contacted several trainers who said “she can’t be helped” or “take her back”. That is until I spoke to Kristen at Prestige K9. She had faith in Bella. She had encouraging words that Bella could be helped with all of our fears. We signed Bella up and dropped her off after having her only three days. I kept in touch with the trainers throughout Bella’s stay. They sent me pictures and encouraging messages. At the 4 week mark when Bella should be coming home, they asked to keep her an extra week. They did this at no extra charge. We have now had her home over a week, and she is a different dog. Kristen has come to see us again to check in on Bella and how we are doing with her. Prestige K9 is simply put amazing and worth the investment. We could not have kept her if it wasn’t for them. If we ever get another dog it will for sure spend some time at prestige. Thank you again Kristen and all those at Prestige who had a hand in helping Bella.
We are so incredibly thankful for the wonderful job Prestige K9 did with our dog! Luna is a rescue who came with some pretty bad manners which caused a lot of stress in our home. She’s extremely athletic and loves to run... Sadly We could never let her off leash... even in our backyard, because she could clear the fence as if it were non existent and take off. Her house manners were poor... she’d rush the door to get out, and walk across the top of furniture like a goat. (lol) Long story short, we were brought back the dog I dreamed she would be! Luna has house manners, I can just let her out in the yard to potty without having to be on a tie out, actually play fetch in the yard, and we now go on walks OFF LEASH! The trainers are wonderful and you can tell they genuinely cared for our girl! Prestige K9 gets 5 stars all the way! They worked wonders for our girl!!
Prestige K9 is simply awesome. I enrolled my 12 week old puppy into their puppy program and I saw such a huge improvement. He listens so much better and is much more calm. He understands sit, down, come, free, and place. I get compliments all the time on how well behaved he is! I can't wait to send him back for more training in the future! It's always hard to decide what is best for your furbaby but I am so thankful I decided on Prestige K9!
Prestige K9 is simply amazing, from the moment I called and inquired about their program to the moment I picked up my puppy. Marissa does phenomenal work and made such a positive impact on my puppy’s life. Not only that but she also had a one on one training session upon picking him up which helped so much. I would highly recommend bribing any dog here!
Our experience was amazing. The care and training Abby got was great.
Had both of our dogs trained here and it is so comforting to know that our hunting dogs have recall out in the fields. Very well behaved dogs now, thanks to their training. Great option for boarding too!
Our first experience with Prestige K9 was this past summer when we brought out 6 year old Wheaton Terrier in for a 5 week intensive board and train to break him of aggressive behavior and general obedience. We got back a new dog who was much more relaxed and self confident. We have since been boarding him when we go out of town for long periods which as been a fantastic reinforcement of the training. Lizzy and team are fantastic to work with. Always available to discuss needs and treat out dog like it was their own. We highly recommend Prestige K9 to friends and will be sure to bring our next dog in as a puppy for the correct start.
We took our 2 month old husky puppy to Mirresa for general behavior training such as potty training, Kennel training, ecall, no jumping, barking, "leave it", etc. Mirresa was very up front about her method of training and answered all of our questions. We provided a list of items we wanted him to work on with our puppy and we talked through all the points. Throughout the training we stayed in contact via texts msg and received video and voice messages from Mirresa everyday.

Since her training our husky is excellent in Kennel and potty training, she rarely barks, and her recall skills have vastly improved. Our dog behavior is much improved and we are very happy with what we gained from the program. Our puppy is happy, healthy and a much better listener.

We highly recommend Miressa and Spencer, If you are looking for safe, trusty and beautiful boarding place make sure to check their place they have beautiful house in New castle with huge yard for dogs to get trained and they are very Professional in dogs training and they only use positive reinforce to train dogs, also they been in this business for a long long time.
Absolutely love them and we will send korra for her off leash training ASA she gets 1 year old.
I'm so grateful I found Prestige K9 when I did! I adopted a HUGE puppy that had not been taught manners, but I could tell wanted to please. I was a bit over whelmed and almost gave up, but when I contacted Spencer he assured me that there was nothing wrong and that my dog could learn to behave. I now have a HUGE puppy that is a pleasure to be around. He is still as goofy as he was before, just with a touch of manners and a ton more control. I can't thank Spencer and Marissa enough! They are my heroes!
Our 2 year old English Pointer Flynn was pretty much out of control! Impossible to walk because he pulled so hard and went absolutely crazy every time we came across a rabbit or bird, as pointers do! We never allowed him off leash, knowing he would vanish as soon as he came across a bird. He was jumping on everything and destroying the house. We had a 2 week vacation planned and would have to board him so decided to send him to Prestige to see if they could help. I was amazed when they delivered him home!!!! He is perfectly behaved and best of all we've been enjoying taking him on walks off leash. A simple sit command and he'll stay while distractions go on all around him until he's told "free". They have been to the house twice to check on his progress and train us on new commands. We know he was treated well because he's always excited to see Lizzy and the team on these trips. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made and a bargain for the years of enjoyment ahead for the family with a much more enjoyable and happy Flynn! If you're on the fence, do it! You're dog will thank you!
Clara Pond has been a PrestigeK9 graduate since she was a puppy. Best trainers that we have ever worked with! They truly understand the GSD breed and all the little quirks! Highly recommended any of the trainers, the family is growing and Clara loves them all! Keep up the great work!
We sent our 8 month old counter-surfacing, people jumping, rabbit chasing leash pulling doodle off to Prestigek9 and she returned knowing how to heel, mind us in the field with rabbits abounding, and no more counter surfing or jumping! Phoebe is a transformed dog! Thank you to the team of Spencer, Marissa, Dan and Raza. We recommend you whole heartedly!!
Sent my 4 year old akita to their training camp program and he came back very well trained. Couldn't have been happier with his behavior on returning home. Thanks Prestige K9!

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