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Puppy Training Camp

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Our puppy training camps are unlike any other experience! Puppies live in home with our trainer to get the best head start on their training journey! See what makes us different. This is the Prestige Difference!


2 Separate camps
Puppy lives with trainer
Foundation for reliable training
Off Leash Reliability
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Loose Leash Walking - "Heel"
Crate Training
Come when called - "Come"
Nipping, jumping, barking, chewing
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Our puppy to adult camp is designed to set your puppy up for long term success. Between 8 weeks - 5 months they join us for a 7 day camp to begin the training process and lay the foundation for the adult camp. They then return between 6-8 months to finalize their training journey with a 3 week full off leash training program which includes our lifetime guarantee.


14 Day Puppy Camp
Puppy lives with trainer
Foundation for reliable training
Guidance and homework after camp
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Leash manners
Crate Training
Name Recognition
Nipping, jumping, barking, chewing
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Important Things You Should Know About Our Puppy Training Camp

Dog Training Questions and Answers

What Age Is Right For The Puppy Training Camp?
We take puppies from 8 weeks until 5 months. Since this training camp focuses on the basics, we do reccomend starting right away.

We also offer a puppy to adult program which is a fully rounded training program. This program includes puppy camp as well as our 3 week off leash training camp.

Once your dog reaches 5-6 months they are able to retain more information, and would be a better age to attend our 3 week off leash training camp which starts at 6 months.
What Do I Need To Bring For The Camp?
In order for your puppy to attend our puppy training camp we require an up to date vaccination record. This means that your dog needs to be up to date on vaccinations for their current age.

We also require you to provide enough food for their stay, as they will not be returning home everyday.
What Can I Expect?
Once your puppy has completed their camp we will bring them home to complete a 1 hour in home handoff lesson.

During the lesson we will demonstrate their newly learned skills, have you practice, and answer any questions you have.

We will also advise you on how to maintain or progress their training with tips and homework.

Your puppy will also get a bath, ear cleaning, and nail trim for their return home!
Can We Visit?
During their stay we do not offer visitation as we don't want to disrupt their training and want their undivided attention! We do post pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram!
What Do You Cover In The Camp?
Since our puppy training camp takes puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months their camps will vary slightly depending on age.

We cover sit, down, place, name recognition, leash manners, jumping, nipping, crate training, and basic manners.

During your phone consultation or in person pick up we will discuss with you exactly what you can expect from your pup when they come home.
Where Do They Stay?
We are happy to say that your puppy will live in home with a trainer. They will get real life and in home training to prepare them for a long happy life.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We know having a new puppy can be an exciting and also
a little overwhelming. We're here to help!
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