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How Much Does Dog Training Cost


How much is dog training? The price of dog training is going to vary depending on the type of training you do.

For most pet dog owners the options are pretty straight forward. The choices are between Private Lessons, Group Classes, And Training Camps. Keep in mind that dog trainer pricing is going to be different from trainer to trainer.

Private lessons are typically between $50- $200 with the average cost of $140.

Group Classes are sold in packages or for a duration of time. For example: a 6 week course usually will cost about $200 making each individual class $33.

Training camps will also range depending on the duration and overall needs of the dog but are on average $500- $1,500 per week – the average length of stay 3 weeks ($1,500-$4,500 total)

Emotional Support, Therapy Dog & Service Dog Training

If you’re like most people you may not know that there is actually a difference between a service, emotional support, and therapy dog. We highly encourage our clients to know the difference between the types of dogs.


“A service animal is a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.” -ADA

If you are in need or already have a service dog- know your rights and restrictions laid out on the ADA website. Click HERE to read more.

As you are allowed to train your service dog yourself- you could end up spending next to nothing for their training. Some people prefer to private lessons which will range from $100-$300 and the number of lessons will be dependent on the extent of the training and tasks needed as well as how much time you put into self training.

How much does a trained dog cost? Fully trained service dogs- wether you send your own or opt to purchase one fully trained are going to set you back quite a bit more. The range is $20,000-$60,000.


“A therapy dog is a dog that is trained to provide affection, comfort and support to people, often in settings such as hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, libraries, hospices, or disaster areas.”

A dog trained in therapy work is used to help others, not yourself. As these dogs are intended to work with other people, reliable training is very important.

You can opt for the $100-$300 private lessons. We would estimate an average cost of those lessons and a fully trained emotional therapy dog to be around $1,200-$4,000.

You can also elect to do a board and train which will range from $2,000- $6,000.


An emotional support animal is one who does as the name suggests- they provide emotional support for a person. This type of dog is not recognized by the ADA and is not permitted the same allowances.

The cost of training for an Emotional Support dog will be pet dog with highly obtained obedience. It is important to note that these dogs will likely be in public settings with many people and distractions and should have the same level of obedience training as a service dog- just without the “task” training,

The following may look familiar!

You can opt for the $100-$300 private lessons. We would estimate an average cost of those lessons and a fully trained emotional support dog to be around $1,200-$4,000.

You can also elect to do a board and train which will range from $2,000- $6,000.


We get this question all the time and we’re so glad we do! this one will be a 2 part answer.

Part One – ASAP! Chances are you already training your dog and didn’t even know it! Everything you do on a daily basis is teaching your pup what to do and equally important what NOT to do. If you are asking when should you start professional training with a trainer ASAP! The more training the better!

Part Two- 6 -9  months. But wait… you just said ASAP? 

YEP! We know that not every family can afford or want to invest in the dog obedience training cost. What we recommend if you are looking the get the most training done for your budget than 6-9 months is our “sweet spot” for training. 

Why? your dog from 8 weeks-6 months is super smart… just not quite mature enough to retain all that brilliant training you are about to bestow on them. Thats why teaching a puppy to sit looks easy.. but then you add some distractions like a few more people or noises… and forget about going to a public place and expecting them to stay there. 

What we found is that dogs from 6-9 months are mentally and physically mature enough to handle high level obedience training. Once fully trained- you just have to maintain it! 

The cost of dog training for most is well worth the investment for a long happy and (mostly) stress-free relationship with their pup!

Dog Training, Trainer & Other Costs

How much for a dog trainer in other fields?

There are so many other types of training and each one will come with it’s own dog training price.

Fully Trained Protection Dog – $10,000- $100,000

AKC Obedience Class- $30-$80

6-Week Agility Training course – $150-$200

Dock Diving Runs & Competition fees – $20-$50

“How much does is cost to train a dog”

You may not be surprised to learn that that is one of the highest searched phrases when looking for dog training. Some of the others are dog training costs, how much is a dog trainer, prices for dog training. With thousands of searches a day, it’s no wonder many of our clients are relieved to find that we have very straight forward pricing! We want you to be able to enjoy the training journey from start to finish and for us that includes being up front about what you are paying for.

So why does dog training cost have such a range? Each market ( city, state, type of training, and need of the dog ) will have an impact on the dog training price. When comparing one dog trainer price to another dog trainer prices you may see the same service with a very different price tag. That can be because of their overall experience or simple supply and demand. Although it is not always true- in most cases when it comes to dog training pricing and dog trainer cost- YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! The higher price usually means they have many years of experience and LOTS of happy clients.

We know this is a lot to digest but we helped you find some answers to the question… How much do dog trainers cost?

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