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Stout (English Bulldog)

Meet Stout. He is a 10-Month-Old English Bulldog who came to us from Parker, Colorado for our 3-Week Advanced Off-Leash Training Camp!

We were asked to help correct some bad habits such as bolting out the door, barking at strange dogs, and overall obedience. Since Stout has another untrained dog sibling in the home, he had been heavily influenced. His family has goals to take him on walks, and camping in the future.

Stout was taught come, sit, down, place, let’s go (as an informal heel/come command?, free, leave it, yes (as a positive marker), and no (as a negative marker). He was taught these commands initially through verbal praise and food rewards. When he understood the criteria of the commands we then introduced corrections through a prong. Once he understood that stay was implied, and that he had to wait for the release command before getting up, we then implemented low-level remote collar stimulation.

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