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Snoop (Yellow Lab)

Snoop is a 1-year old Yellow Lab from Rocklin, CA who attended our 3-Week Off-Leash Training.

Snoop’s family has had him since a puppy. He is an indoor/outdoor dog who frequently enjoys the family’s large pool! Between swimming, and the frequent walks his family takes him on, he has great outlets for his energy!

Although he get’s plenty of exercise, Snoop did have some unwanted behaviors including jumping, not coming when called, not listening unless there was something in it for him (treats!), and just a general inability to settle down in the house. Instead of just relaxing he would pace all day while the kids were trying to do schoolwork and Mom was working.

When Snoop was unable to settle, he would get put in his crate. So we introduced a “Place” command as a new way for him to “turn off” a bit. Not all dogs know how to relax, and some need to be taught! We would take him out for a long walk, do a long training session focusing on recalls using his e-collar, then go home and reinforce him staying on his bed. When first introducing this, he would whine, fuss, and generally act unsettled on his bed. After multiple reps he would eventually run to his place and even fall asleep! Now he understands what his “Place” is for and his family can enjoy him being part of the family instead of having him crated.

He learned how to turn off pressure from his e-collar by doing what we had asked (recalls, downs, etc), and was very excited to train. As far as walking on a leash, we used a pinch collar. At only 1-year-old, Snoop was already close to 90 pounds and could easily take his family for a walk. The pinch collar was a great way to show him how to walk with a loose leash and was very helpful to his family.

Snoop was great during his go home lesson. His family had previously purchased an e-collar but were unclear on how to use it. Now that he was trained it was easy for them to get the concept of how to properly use his remote collar and they were so happy to see that he was still his happy-g0-lucky self, but much more under control!

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