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Missy (Border Collie/Staffordshire Terrier)

Missy is a Border Collie/Cattle dog mix from Napa, California who attended our 3-Week Advanced Off-Leash Obedience Training Camp.

Missy was just a little rambunctious and full of energy with no direction. She would rush the fence and bark at neighbors dogs in the backyard as well as any dogs passing by her front yard walking. She also harrassed the two older dogs in the home when they were sleeping or even just walking around. She was also a jumper, and had no problem jumping on children. Her inability to listen was the initial reason for her family to seek our help.

Missy learned sit/down (with built in stay), heeling, loose leash walking, to come when called, and to go to her bed. She was taught first using treat for rewards and then once we checked for understanding, a slip lead was used to introduce leash pressure and eventually we added e-collar pressure for off-leash reliability.

Missy made amazing progress from day one. She loved to train and learn and was excited everyday to work. After she was shown what to do, she offered behaviors freely just hoping to earn some praise or a treat. Her jumping was redirected to a sit or to go to her place. She went from a star student with no direction to a star student heeling beautifully off leash in busy environments like parks and stores.

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