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Macie (German Shepherd Mix)

Meet Max, a 3 Year-Old German Shepherd Mix from Golden Colorado. Max attended our 3-Week Behavior Modification Training Camp.

Max’s owner’s were concerned as he was showcasing concerning behaviors. He pulled on-leash, barked at other dogs and people, and refused to listen to all members of his family. He also did not hold his stay commands.

During his training, Max was taught come, sit, down, place, let’s go (as an informal heel/come command), free, leave it, yes (as a positive marker), and no (as a negative marker). Max was taught these commands initially through verbal praise and food rewards. When he understood the criteria of the commands, we then began introducing corrections through a prong collar first. Once he understood that stay was implied, and that he had to wait for the release command before getting up, we worked on implementing low-level remote collar stimulation.

After training, Max had made significant progress and was able to take a nice long walk without pulling on-lead. He was also consistently holding his down and sit stays, and was generally quicker to respond to his commands.

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