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Lucy (Labradoodle)

Meet Lucy! She is an adorable 7-Month Old Labradoodle from Boynton Beach, Florida who graduated from our 3-Week Advanced Off-Leash Training Camp.

Lucy was a total covid puppy who lacked socialization and exposure to other dogs and humans. Her mom and dad travel a lot and would like to have her travel with them. Their main issues of concern were her ability to greet other dogs, leash walking, coming when called, heeling on leash, staying when asked, and mouthing.

During her time with us, Lucy was taught: come, heel, sit, down, place, and general manners. All commands were taught through luring with treats and praise, then reinforced with collar corrections. We used a martingale collar for her training. She was a success all over the board! She struggled with holding positions at first but we were able to correct that.

Lucy would scream anytime we reached to touch her until she was on leash. Same would go for any dog approaching her. We used a combination of coaxing and pairing with new people with existential food. We addressed the new dog issue by introducing her to rock solid calm dogs over and over again until the behavior diminished, then utilized a more chaotic dog but still controlled until the same results were achieved.

Lucy showed tremendous improvements in her overall knowledge of commands and higher levels of confidence in new situations with strangers and dogs.

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