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Lilly (German Shepherd)

Lilly is a 1 -year old German Shepherd from Vallejo, California who recently attended our 3-week advanced off-leash training.

Lilly lives in a busy house with a special needs family member and likes to run crazy, crashing into furniture and jumping on everyone. She knocks the kids over and will run out the door and not come back if allowed to. She pulls on the leash on walks and barks at dogs behind fences. She also has some bad habits such as jumping and digging.

We started training by teaching Lilly sit with built in stay, down with built in stay, heel, loose leash walking, come when called, and to go to her bed. Lilly from the very beginning of her camp was eager to learn and loved food rewards. She was taught all behaviors positively with food first. Then, after checking for understanding, a slip lead was used to teach leash pressure and then added e-collar pressure for off-leash reliability.

Lilly was taught a place command to eliminate the furniture crashing and is no longer allowed on the sofa since her favorite game was to crash into the sofa at full speed and throw it into the wall. Her jumping was stopped by redirecting her to sit and not allowing her to greet people when she was overly excited by using her place command. Lilly went on many walks to neighborhoods and barking dogs in order to practice walking past dogs calmly. She was given a reliable recall and proofed with dogs, people, and wildlife to prevent her from running away when she gets out the door.

Lilly was completely out of control with no boundaries and no rules when she came to us. She left an amazing dog who was thoughtful and would offer nice behaviors freely in order to earn priase and snacks.

Great job Lilly!

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