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Lexi (Boxer)

Lexi is a 1-Year Old Boxer from El Dorado Hills, California who attended our 3-Week Off-Leash Training Camp.

Lexi is generally well-behaved, but has a bad habit of jumping on people, playing too rough with other dogs, and door-darting. Lexi’s escaping habits can be dangerous as she runs out the door toward other neighbors, the park, etc. This was the first bad habit we addressed with Lexi.

We utilized a long-line and e-collar to work on Lexi’s recall around distractions. Lexi already had a great understanding of what a recall is, but when there was no reinforcement and heavy distractions, she would run off from her family to find whatever else was more “fun”!

We used low-level stimulation on her e-collar paired with pressure from the leash to teach her that even with resistance, it was impossible to run away from the collar, and the only way to turn off the pressure was to recall to me.

Lexi was very clear with this method and was off-leash around distractions very quickly! Her other commands were all reinforced in a similar manner, with consistent pressure until the command was followed. This, paired with a food reward was the best method for her!

Lexi’s family gave her a great foundation. They started all of her training early, and just needed some help putting on some final touches and learning how to reinforce her commands in a way that Lexi understands clearly. We checked in on the family today, and she is doing very well.

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