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Kobie (Pitbull Mix)

Meet Kobie, a 3 Year-Old Pitbull Mix from Port St Lucie, Florida. He recently graduated from our Behavior Modification Training Camp.

Kobie was a rescue, and his owner’s had noticed some strange behaviors. One of those behaviors was aggression, and that really concerned them.

When Kobie first came to training we focused on his obedience. He learned come, sit, down, place, heel (on-leash). He did not respond well to food and luring so we had to show him what we wanted him to do. Since prong and e-collars would bring his aggression out, we had to use a dominant dog collar.

Once we found the right tool, training was simple. We did pair corrections with a prong collar to show that aggression wasn’t acceptable and that was very effective.

It was very hard in the beginning for Kobie, but he came out on the other end with a solid foundation and understanding of what was expected of him.

His owner’s were very pleased that they were able to now have a safe and long lasting relationship with him.

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