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Franklin (French Bulldog)

Franklin is a 2-year-old French bulldog from Alamo, California who attended our 3-week off le\He had attended an on-leash program previously with another trainer but was still having issues with possessiveness with the other dogs in the household. He would be very pushy during snack time or when the owner came home. He was competitive and would assault the other dogs at home as well as lunging and barking at dogs on walks.

Franklin’s foundation for obedience was reinforced around other dogs. He was already noticeably clear on sit, down, heel, recall, and place. His problem was maintaining that obedience around other dogs. We trained him around all the other dogs that we had for training that month in addition to taking him on many outings throughout his program. We also successfully reinforced the use of a remote collar with his obedience behavior. Franklin is now also able to remain on his place in the home until he is released around other dogs.

Franklin’s biggest goal was being able to successfully walk in his neighborhood without barking at dogs on the end of the leash. We conditioned Franklin to be calm with an indifferent dog and then slowly brought him around dogs that are more excited as his skill level evolved over this three-week stay. By the end of this camp Franklin could stay focused around dogs that were barking and lunging at the end of the leash. Throughout his program we progressed his education but adding off leash reliability. By the end of his camp Franklin could perform his prior obedience on and off leash around extreme distractions.

Upon drop off, we worked on Franklin staying on his place when his housemates were running around the house playing. Another big issue for Franklin’s owners was he getting very possessive of snacks around the other dogs. We worked on placing Franklin away from the other dogs when the snacks were being given out and having the other dogs disengage with him while he was eating his snack. We also were able to successfully take Franklin on a walk in his neighborhood with his handler and maintaining focus.

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