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Daisy (Doberman)

Meet Daisy, a 7 Month-Old Doberman from Port St. Lucie, Florida who attended our 3-Week Advanced Off-Leash Obedience Training Camp.

Daisy comes from a working line of Dobermans and her family lives in a retirement community. Her mom likes to take Daisy on 7-Mile walks every day and would like to use her as a service dog for her husband.

Daisy was already a well behaved dog and just needed some fine tuning. Her family’s main goals were for her to have really solid obedience and to eliminate some obsessive “smelling” behaviors that she developed when greeting new people.

During her training, Daisy learned: Come, sit, heel, down, place. We taught all obedience commands with food and praise and reinforced with low-level remote collar stimulation.

To help Daisy control her “smelling” we taught her to “make a friend” she positions her body crosswise to the new person and accept pets without reaction.

Daisy was a fantastic dog to work with, and she left with some great new habits and a solid base of obedience that will last her a lifetime.

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