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Coco Nut (Labrador)

Coco came to us from Burien, Washington and attended our 3-Week Advanced Off-Leash Training Camp to address jumping, barking, and to get some obedience training so that her family could pursue service dog training in the future.

Coco’s owners wanted help with leash walking, jumping, listening to commands, eliminate chewing on the leash, counter surfing, and to establish control around the kittens at home.

The first thing that we worked on with Coco was leash walking by using food and a prong collar, and quickly followed by an e-collar. All of her other commands she knew already as her owner’s had worked with her a lot. We were able to reinforce her existing commands with some pressure from the prong collar and e-collar. Coco was a very fast learner and was very eager to please but she was also very excited and nervous about all the new outside environments due to her lack of exposure. We took many trips to stores, parks and neighborhood to give her some positive exposure and she quickly felt comfortable in each environment that she was in. She learned the following commands during training: sit, down, place, heel, come, let’s go, free, no, kennel, and quiet.

We provided helpful tips to help Coco behave better around the kittens and let them know that they will have to constantly manage them together. During Coco’s drop off lesson she was able to stay on place with the kittens around and her family was very happy to see her avoid chasing them.

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