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Coba (Alaskan Klee Kai)

Coba is a 6-month old Alaskan Klee Kai from Walnut Creek, CA who attended our 3-Week Off-Leash Training.

Coba didn’t like to listen and if he got out he would run and his owner’s would have to chase him down the road with a car in order to get him back. He also had some trouble with potty training. He was also really sensitive to people and would jump on them but then run away if they tried to say hi.

The first week of camp Coba was taught: sit stay, down stay, heel, loose leash walking, come when called, and place. He preferred not to be touched for praise but he loved food rewards and was happy to work for and learn for food. He was taught positively with food first, then we introduced a slip lead to teach leash pressure, and eventually we introduced low-level e-collar stimulation for off-leash reliability.

Coba was taught place (bed) to keep him from rushing up to guests and jumping on them to keep him from skittering out the open door when people come in and out. He learned several games to practice recalls through an open doorway to condition him to come back if he ran out and the training was reinforced with a remote collar in case he decided to bold. He did eventually enjoy physical praise once a relationship with his handler was established and by the end of his camp he was happily recalling off leash without an issue.

When Coba first came to us he had no interest in doing anything except sniffing the ground and running away. After training he became significantly more biddable and controllable and he enjoyed interacting with his handlers.

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