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Chewie (Maltipoo)

Chewie is an 9-Month Old Maltipoo from Roseville, California who attended our 3-Week Off Leash Training.

Chewie was not that friendly with new people but would eventually warm up. He liked to nip and bite the children in the home, and often times neighbors would complain about his barking. He is also really fast, doesn’t like listening, and is impossible to catch! His family expressed the desire for Chewie to have discipline and training so that he would obey, be friendly, not bark excessively, walk on a leash nicely, and be a good family dog.

We started training by teaching Chewie: Sit with build in stay, down with built in stay, heel, loose leash walking, come when called, and place. He was initially timid but learned to enjoy training as things became more clear. He was taught all behaviors positively with food first. Then after checking for understand, a slip lead was used to teach leash pressure and then we added e-collar pressure for off-leash reliability.

Chewie’s barking was largely due to a lack of confidence and resolved once he got out and about more. He still doesn’t want to interact with new people but can maintain his composure on his place when people come and go from the house. He was insecure and did very well with structure. He enjoys working and being praised and is a happy little dog when he is earning approval from his handlers.

Not only did he find his confidence during camp, but he went from a dog who had never been anywhere and was terrified to come out of his crate to a fun loving, and confident little friend.

Great job Chewie!

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