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Whether you are looking for dog training to help enjoy your favorite activities, or simply just want a dog who can politely walk around the block we’ve got you covered!
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1000+ Dogs Trained & 5 Star Google Review!

Off Leash

Your dog will be able to go anywhere off leash and respond to the “come” command when asked under any distraction!

We fix problem behaviors!

Pulling on the leash

Jumping on people


Potty training

Counter surfing

Not coming when called


All Breeds, Ages, And issues

From Puppy to adult dogs we train them all! Small breed to Xl breeds and everything in between!

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Did we mention 5 star google reviews! Just another reason to give Prestige K9 Dog Training Dog Training Rancho Cordova California a call today!

Reviews Verified By Google
    Thank you so much Prestige K9 for training my dog and myself! Couldn't be happier with the results from your training camp and the follow up instruction!
    We absolutely love Prestige K9. They did an amazing job with our Pomsky! We have already referred them to friends and family and use their boarding services as well! Can't say enough great things.
    This place is absolutely amazing!! Highly recommended!! If you need to train or board your dog this is the place to go!!
    Prestige K9 is simply awesome. I enrolled my 12 week old puppy into their puppy program and I saw such a huge improvement. He listens so much better and is much more calm. He understands sit, down, come, free, and place. I get compliments all the time on how well behaved he is!
    My dog and I had such a pleasant experience with the trainers at Prestige K9! Thank you for all that you do!
    We are so incredibly thankful for the wonderful job Prestige K9 did with our dog! Luna is a rescue who came with some pretty bad manners which caused a lot of stress in our home. She’s extremely athletic and loves to run...
    I highly recommend this training camp. It is worth the price for the freedom you and your pup will have afterwards to simply enjoy life together. If you give this place a chance your pup will come home obedient and well behaved.
    Would highly recommend this company and Kristen specifically. Thank you all for the work you put in on Ragnar and look forward to brining him back at 6 months for more in depth training.

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